Wellness Media & Marketing is the creation of Birit Trematore.

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Why should you choose Wellness Media & Marketing as your website designer?

We are wellness industry experts. Our founder has over 20 years experience in marketing, fitness and health.

We know you need to book clients and get members into your gyms, studios and wellness centers so that you can show them how amazing you are. We have a ton of ideas as to how to do that.

We give you personalized attention. We don't work on a lot of websites all at once.  We focus on one at a time. This ensures our communication is open and conversational, and that your website is ready quickly as promised.

Birit is a wellness industry expert, and a 20 year fitness instructor and health coach.

She is a sought after Pilates, spin and barre instructor and founded Raw Infusion classes, hosting opulent raw food classes and dinners for groups and private clients.


Birit got into website design by creating a site for her own fitness and wellness business, and fell in love with the creative process, recognizing the unique opportunity we all have to reach more customers than any other time in history. In 2017 she opened Wellness Media & Marketing to help wellness professionals use online media to build their businesses and fill their classes and practices.


Birit also owns Birit Design, a boutique agency for luxury and artistic branding since 2015.


Birit has over 20 years of corporate marketing experience in Toronto, Vancouver, and Cleveland.


Now based in Virginia Beach, she has built sites all over the world and loves bringing a client's vision to a beautiful and revenue centric reality.

The whole reason for your website is getting members in your door so you can rock their world with your knowledge.
"Combine beautiful web design with carefully planned marketing strategies to presell clients on your expertise and bring them to your business."